50 Cent Says He’s Technically Been A Billionaire Since 2007

The Queens-bred entrepreneur 50 Cent is going to 50 Cent every time. This week, he said he’s been a billionaire since 2007, but the public’s perception of him makes people believe otherwise. 

During an interview on The Enthusiast Podcast, the rapper said he’s been touching a billion for years. But because he’s always supplying jobs, he’s spending money, many times, full salaries, paying his employees. 

“So when they financially say, ‘Oh, you’re a billionaire, this person is a billionaire,’ it’s like, ‘I’ve been a billionaire since 2007. I’m that far from where I came from that I’ve been a billionaire financially because everybody around me is being paid,” 50 Cent said. “Resources that I compensate for people to be there, and I really don’t see things that I want that I can’t go get it.”

Because 50 Cent has a unique perspective on life and business, he incorporated givers and takers into his technically being a billionaire since 2007. 

“You got givers and takers, right? People they’ll come, and you’ll feel them looking at you like, ‘I’m excited because he’s such and such…,’ or, ‘I wanna meet him because I wanna talk to him, and maybe this will happen for me,’ or, ‘Maybe he’ll finance my idea,’ right? Those people are takers ’cause you see them once. Then you have the guy that hears you talking about an idea and says, ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea; let’s do it, man.’ That’s a giver because finance means nothing to ’em.”

Maybe 50 Cent has a point because the dude’s hustle game is crazy. There’s his music career and his heavy hand in television with popular series Power, BMF, and several others. He sells liquor, water, and books. He was even a boxing promoter at one time. If he’s not a billionaire, he sure does hustle like a billionaire.