6 Awful Jobs You May Actually Want

6 Awful Jobs You May Actually Want

You’re going to look down at this list, see the salary first and think, “of course I can do that job if that’s what they’re paying!” Then, you’ll look at the job description and question your life choices. Below are some of the most disgusting jobs that somebody has to do, and if it’s worth it to you enough, that somebody could be you. You be the judge.

1. Proctologist
Salary: $400,000/year
Your job: Scourer of warts, colon cancer, and fistulas and all things dealing with the colon, rectum, and anus. The technical job description, according to the dictionary is “a branch of medicine dealing with the structure and diseases of the rectum, and sigmoid colon.” This profession is expected to be in high demand over the next 10 years.

2. Gastroenterologist
Salary: $100,000—$350,000/year
Your job: Back to that colon again. A gastroenterologist deals with irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis, peptic ulcer disease, colitis, gall bladder and biliary tract disease, colon cancer, and other nutritional problems. This physician’s focus is the management of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

3. Landfill Gas Operator
Salary: $53,000—$148,000/year
Your job: Think horrid, gag-worthy smells. As a landfill gas operator, you remove the methane gas that has been produced by garbage by funneling the gas through pipes. Not only can this job offend the nostrils, but it is also known to be potentially dangerous with landfills containing harmful bacteria and rodents.

4. Urine Farmer
Salary: $80,000/year
Your job: You guessed it. With this job, you would be a farmer of urine. You’d harvest deer urine in particular. Some deer farmers collect and sell undiluted whitetail urine as it is packed with pheromones that bucks are attracted to thus, making for an easier hunt. How do you collect this urine, you wonder? Urine farms often have a collection room with the floor of the room having grates that allow the urine to drip through into vats. The urine is then hand collected, bottled and stored.

5. Sewer Inspector
Salary: $40,000—$55,000/year
Your job: Well, for starters, you’re working in the sewer so smells, rodents, bacteria, and human excrement are a given. Sewer inspectors perform inspection work in connection with the construction, maintenance, and operation of sewers. They are also responsible for inspection work as related to breaks, repairs, and testing of sewer lines.

6. Porta-Potty Cleaner
Salary: $35,000—$58,000/year
Your job: To keep those urine, feces, and blood-soaked potties clean. Yes, there are hoses used to vacuum the toilets out and pressure cleaners to hose it down, but what happens if/when the hose is blocked? You guessed it–flying sewage. Plug your nose, wear long sleeves and enjoy!