6 Common Myths About Being a Startup Employee

6 Common Myths About Being a Startup Employee

When one thinks of startups, they often think of the cool, fun places to work filled with opportunities to grow, spread your wings and get your feet wet in a variety of duties.

Maybe in that vision is a beer keg, flex hours, monthly parties and an open-door policy with your boss who wears jeans and sneakers to work every day.

But that might just be the fantasy view of working at a startup. There are also challenges, limitations and other things to consider. Writer Annie Favreau details six common myths about working for that new up-and-coming business:

1. You must be a technical genius.

2. You have to work 80 hours a week, never sleep and stress constantly.

3. Startup life is glamorous.

4. Startup jobs are totally chaotic and unstructured.

5. You have to live in Silicon Valley to work at a startup.

6. Startup jobs are risky.