6 Cool and Unique Date Night Ideas for Adventurous Couples

Regardless if you’re single, married or in a committed relationship, everyone’s dating life can get a little boring at times. So every now and then, you have to spice things up with a little adventure and excitement. Here are a few unique, fun and adventurous ideas for your next date.

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  1. Swing from a Trapeze under the stars — If you get an adrenaline rush just thinking about throwing yourself off a platform 23 feet in the air, then taking a trapeze class or workshop may be for you. Trapeze School New York has schools located in New York, Los Angels, Boston and Washington, DC.
  2. Kayak under the Brooklyn Bridge — Explore NYC on the water by kayak or canoe, while enjoying amazing views of some of the city’s most amazing rivers, lakes, and bays, and monuments like the Brooklyn Bridge.
  3. Enjoy a Mystery Dinner Date — Laugh, murder & mystery, sums up your night at the “longest running Murder Mystery dinner theater in New York and around the world.” “Murder by the Mob,” is a 2 and a half hour, 3 —course meal where the audience dines with the most lethal mobsters in town— all the while trying to solve a deadly case. If you’re located in the NYC area, check out the Arno Dinner Theater.
  4. Take a tour of your own backyard —Many people who were born and raised in major cities such as New York, Chicago or Atlanta, neglect to visit world famous sites and hidden gems right in their very own neighborhoods. Check out the Architecture Foundation River Cruise in Chicago, Scott’s Pizza Tour in New York City, and Peachtree Food tours in Atlanta.
  5. Have Dinner in the Sky — The Las Vegas Dinner in the Sky is praised as “the most unforgettable dinner you’ll ever have.” Strapped into your seat, 180 feet in the air, you’ll have access to the traditional restaurant staff– chef, waiter, and mixologist and while enjoying dinner. You also have the option of an “After Dinner experience” such as a helicopter ride over the Las Vegas Strip and VIP nightclub tours.
  6. Take the ultimate luxury driving experience in a Ferrari or Lamborghini — Ready, set and you’re off in an exotic supercar, racing around an autocross course while being coached by a professional driving instructor. Imagine Lifestyles has racetracks in Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.

Do you have any fun date night ideas? Share with me in the comments section below.