6 Steps to Taking the Leap Into A Totally New Career

6 Steps to Taking the Leap Into A Totally New Career

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So you’re finding you having the Monday Blues, but it’s Friday. You don’t feel motivated or you’ve simply hit your peak at your current job or company. You’ve grown in a different direction from your current vocation, and you have a passion for doing something else.

You want to make a change but you fear failure, how the change will affect other factors of your life or what people may think. But what better time to take the leap but now? Why not follow your purpose and what makes you happy?

Writer Mame Kwayie details her personal experience with beating career burnout and unfulfillment and offers solutions for overcoming fears and other hangups that may be keeping you from reaching your maximum potential.

Leverage your supportive network: This is where I use a word I dislike: networking. My disdain for the word generally accompanies the concept of a bunch of well-heeled professionals swirling less-than-potent drinks in highball glasses while exchanging business cards. Thankfully, developing and maintaining a network doesn’t have to be as contrived. If you’re looking for a new job, looking for connects in a new town, or looking for small-business advice, ask your friends and leverage your professional connections. While it may be necessary to remain discreet about a career change, don’t be afraid to make a couple of phone calls or to send a few e-mails to those who can connect you to your finish line. Let a few friends know your plans; this perhaps could lead to a contact with strongholds in your new endeavor. You never know who you know, and you never know who they know. On the other end of things, family and friends are always amazing networks.

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