6 Tacky, Unprofessional Workplace Distractions

6 Tacky, Unprofessional Workplace Distractions

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We witness and are victim to them every day on the job: distractions that take us off track and change our focus. From constant calls, workplace chatter, meetings and personal “emergencies,” not being able to manage these throughout the day can lead to bad habits and a decline in productivity.

Writer Blair Bedford details six such distractions, why they’re counterproductive and how you can manage or avoid them all together in the workplace.

Your Relationship and Love Life: Whether you’ve just experienced a breakup with your long-term boyfriend, began a new relationship or battled through a rocky divorce, try not to let those emotional issues get in the way of your professional life. As women, it sometimes gets difficult to separate our emotions from the rest of the day. Depending on the situation, whether it’s suspicions of cheating or finding the love of your life, it’s sometimes easy to read it clearly off of our face and mood, but do not compromise your career because of emotional highs and lows outside of work. Try to remain focused and keep your relationship status on the back burner of your work day, or it can compete to get the best of your attention.

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