6 Ways to Snap into Greater Success in 2015

6 Ways to Snap into Greater Success in 2015

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Snap, Crackle, and Pop – 2014 is almost a thing of the past! I recently had the privilege of hosting a Ladies Business Retreat to help a group of women professionals plan for their 2015 Business Success. It is important to spend some time doing laser focused planning for 2015. When you spend some time focusing you will experience supernatural acceleration of the process. The following are six things to focus on as you create, finalize and implement your success plan.

1.If you could use only five words to describe 2014 what would they be? Review your successes, challenges, and opportunities of 2014. When you take an honest look at what has happened, you can better plan for what needs to happen.

2.Forecast your 2015 Success! Image that today is December 31, 2015 and you are overjoyed by the enormous amount of success you have achieved. Write about those successes. How many customers did you service or products did you sell? How much was your gross revenue? What was your profit? Remember, tracking and accounting is extremely important to any business success so make sure you know your numbers!!

3.Review roadblocks that have hindered you in previous years. The first step to freedom is ownership. Own the things that have delayed your success. Perhaps you have an issue with procrastinating, missing deadlines, poor cash management, or you are stricken with fear of the next level. Whatever the issue is, once you own it you can staff your opportunity for growth. Determine a course of action to help you overcome your obstacles.

4.Are you a generalist or specialist in business? It is important to understand your position because it will help to explain your mode of operation. Your methods could be the underlying cause of either attracting or losing customers. Remember, you do not have to be everything to everybody but you are someone to somebody.

5.The golden rule for every business professional is this: Put yourself in place of your customer. What does your customer experience when they do business with you? How can you improve that experience, meet more customer needs, and improve your processes? Conducting this review could shine a light to additional services or products that could increase your revenue.

6.Death and life are in the power of the tongue! Speak life to your 2015 success! Declare the year to be profitable! Declare that paying customers are coming from every direction! Declare that you have cutting edge processes and witty ideas which are beneficial to your success! Decree that your business is a money magnet in your community, industry, and state!

To ensure your success for the upcoming year, think BIG and make no small plans!!!

Marquita Miller is the founder and CEO of Five Star Tax and Business Solutions — a full service accounting firm in Kansas City, Missouri. A small business expert contributor on CBS & FOX morning shows, Miller is a published author, business strategist, motivational speaker and well known advocate for entrepreneurship. A recipient of Kansas City’s Influential Woman and Woman Who Means Business award, Miller is also a conference speaker and workshop facilitator for TD Jakes Ministries. www.marquitamiller.com. Twitter:@MarquitaMMiller www.facebook.com/MarquitaMMiller