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Black Enterprise Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

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All relationships rely heavily on communication to succeed or fail. In a business environment, the way you speak to a person matters. It’s not only your nonverbal cues, tone, or inflection that will get your point across. The actual words that you’re using to convey your point can be damaging, even when said with a smile. Roxana Hewterson, CEO of Highland Consulting Group, details for Forbes the commonly used dialogue that could hinder success in your career. Here are a few of them that we’ve all used from time to time which, whether intentional or not, Hewterson notes are verbal habits we should break:

Oftentimes, we speak without thinking about what we’re saying. Sarcasm is used, and catchy quips are thrown around with the best of intentions but the worst of results. Some of the phrases we use regularly shouldn’t ever be uttered in a work environment but most often are, especially with instances of rudeness and bad behavior on the rise in the workplace. By eliminating these phrases from our dialogue, Hewterson adds, we could have a more fluid and productive work environment.

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