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Empower Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Discover Brand Transformation And Holistic Wellness In A 60-Day Reset Program

Karen Taylor Bass and her "60-Day Reset" Program aims to promote personal wellness as a key factor in business owners' success.

Media Strategist Karen Taylor Bass has developed a 60-day reset program for entrepreneurs to transform their brands through holistic wellness.

Taylor Bass curated “60-Day Reset: Brand, Business & Bottom Line—A Holistic Approach to Success.” In this eight-week workshop, business owners and idea-holders will revolutionize their path to success through various sectors. Highlights of the program include a comprehensive curriculum for branding and PR strategy, wellness integration, and hands-on learning with guest speakers. Her companion book on the 60-Day Reset also comes with the package.

Taylor Bass aspires to build a community of diverse entrepreneurs with the same mission to elevate businesses that are stagnant in their growth. Covered before in BLACK ENTERPRISE, in addition to the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and Essence, Taylor Bass is committed to transforming the landscape in how entrepreneurs view success, with wellness at the helm of it.

“I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs and professionals not just excel in their businesses but also lead fulfilling lives,” shared the PR maven. “This program is the embodiment of my belief that success is holistic, combining hard work with mindfulness and well-being practices. I invite you to join me on this transformative journey.”

Her program comes when business owners discover that wellness is a factor in their brand’s thriving. Inc. encouraged a sustainable work-life balance and stress management to ensure owners bring their best selves to their businesses.

Forbes also detailed in 2022 that poor personal health is tied to fewer business profits. Incorporating self-care into daily practice can lead to a better lifestyle and a successful professional career.

“You cannot rule out the importance of your wellness to your business success,” as explained in the article. “Only when the body and mind are healthy can you perform your best and contribute at the highest level to the growth of your business. ”

Taylor Bass’ program is still offering placements, with an early bird offer of $2,499 if one applies by March 22. More information on the 60-Day Reset can be found on her website.

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