7 Days of Boss Moves, Day Four: Put Your Elevator Pitch Into Action

7 Days of Boss Moves, Day Four: Put Your Elevator Pitch Into Action

For seven days at BlackEnterprise.com, we offer seven steps to refreshing and recharging your network — weather you’re an introvert or extrovert — so you’ll attract the right people and start building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Building a community of people who support you does takes time, but there are strategic ways you can get started expanding your professional network today!

BOSS MOVE, DAY Four: Put your 60-second elevator pitch into action.

Have you ever tried to tell someone what you do for a living or about your business, but when you did they looked at you like you were crazy? The truth is, you have about 60 seconds to gain someone’s attention and with all of the information we are inundated with on a daily basis, our attention span is decreasing. Here is a way to talk about what you do in a commanding, yet simple way.

ACTION: Start by saying, “You know how some people have a problem with _________?” (Fill in the blank with the problem or challenge that you solve.) Then continue with, “Well, I offer _________.” (Fill in the blank with how the problem is solved.) It’s not a good idea to describe your business or the process of what your product or service does. You can elaborate on that later.

You want to get their attention in as few words as possible, keeping your dialogue simple, concise and to the point. Use those industry buzz words that make what you do or offer engaging, interesting and in demand.

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Cameka Smith is a speaker, educator, social entrepreneur and founder of The BOSS Network, a community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and via event-based networking. In addition, Smith provides resources for women entrepreneurs and professionals through workshops and speaking engagements. She is also a mentor and program facilitator for Project BOSS, which matches professionals with youth.