Take Time To Rest And Recharge

7 Days of Boss Moves, Day Seven: Take Time to Rest and Recharge after Networking

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For seven days at BlackEnterprise.com, we offer seven steps to refreshing and recharging your network — weather you’re an introvert or extrovert — so you’ll attract the right people and start building long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. Building a community of people who support you does takes time, but there are strategic ways you can get started expanding your professional network today!

BOSS MOVE, DAY SEVEN: Take time to rest and recharge before starting the networking journey all over again.

Even God rested on the seventh day! After attending events, perfecting your elevator pitch, organizing your contacts, cultivating your existing connections, upgrading those social networking profiles and following up with those you’ve met, it’s time to take a breather.

Why is rest important? To be healthy, a day of renewal is necessary. We must set aside time to renew our spirits, to catch our breath and to become a living being once more. You can’t properly continue making quality connections if you’re all burned out from the week, month or year before. One of my favorite quotes is from the “Master Networker” George C. Fraser: “In between the promise and the payoff is the process.” Remember, the process only works when you work it.

Relax, renew and rest. Have a spa day, do your favorite leisure activity, read a great book or take a vacation. All of these things help keep you balanced and prepped to make your next boss move.

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Cameka Smith is a speaker, educator, social entrepreneur and founder of The BOSS Network, a community of career and entrepreneurial women who support each other through conversation, online and via event-based networking. In addition, Smith provides resources for women entrepreneurs and professionals through workshops and speaking engagements. She is also a mentor and program facilitator for Project BOSS, which matches professionals with youth.