7 Makeup Tips for Entrepreneurs and Executives on the Go

7 Makeup Tips for Entrepreneurs and Executives on the Go

Celebrity makeup artist Andrea Fairweather of Fairweather Faces Inc. provides seven tips for the everyday woman on the go. Learn more about her journey as a makeup artist and entrepreneur here.

(Photo: Andrea Fairweather)



1. Fairweather Faces Traveling Beauty Kit


For entrepreneurs and women on the go who can’t afford to hire a professional makeup artist every day, Fairweather designed the Fairweather Faces Traveling Beauty Kit. The purpose of the kit is to create a professional and polished look without a celebrity makeup artist. The beauty kit is designed to remove the guesswork and to give step-by-step instructions on the application process. Fairweather shares trade secrets in her patented designed kit, which she uses on her celebrity clients. It is a must-have tool for busy women who want to create a lasting and beautiful look all day.


2. Fairweather Faces Brow Pencil and Brow Fixx


Fairweather recommends the Fairweather Faces Brow Pencil and Brow Fixx. According to Fairweather, the two items are like peanut butter and jelly. To achieve a great brow look, it is necessary to have a brow pencil that is a little on the dry side and not waxy. The goal is to have the eyebrow look like hair. The pencil has to be a little taut and a bit dry to create those strokes that look like hair. After that process, apply the Fairweather Faces Brow Fixx to set the look. Those items are great for women who tend to sweat as the day goes on or for those who find that their brows don’t stay in place. The brow pencil and the Brow Fixx are must-have items to achieve that nice, all-day-long, breezy, polished look.


3. Fairweather Faces Chisel Brush


Fairweather recommends the Fairweather Faces Chisel Brush and a contour powder that complements the skin tone. She feels there’s a growing trend in the makeup industry of heavy contouring which looks unnatural. The best way to combat that unnatural look is to use a brush that is cut to glide over the skin and chisel the cheeks but doesn’t define them where it looks garish. It’s best to purchase the multifunctional brush and use it along the cheekbones, glide it down the nose line, and to contour the forehead, the jawline, and the neck. The power of the multipurpose brush blends effortlessly.


4. Highlighting


After contouring, highlighting the face is the next step and should not be overdone. Fairweather recommends focusing on highlighting only on the cheekbones, down the nose line, and on the chin. The goal of highlighting is to achieve a soft iridescent look whenever you turn and look into the light. Use the Fairweather Faces Highlight Powder in your correct shade for a natural, breezy finish.


5. Black Eye Shadow


Embrace the magic of black eye shadow; it is in every professional makeup kit. Used properly, it can be pretty for daytime. Apply the shadow in the outer corners of the eyelid (with the duo makeup brushes fuller side), then blend a hint of translucent powder on top of it to soften the look. To take the black eye shadow from day to night, use the Fairweather Shady Bootz Face Chart. Following the chart and using the proper brush, apply the black eye shadow around the eyelid to give it a sexy, clean, and professional look.


6. Lip Brush


The best way to keep lipstick on is to use a lip brush. According to Fairweather, most women don’t understand that if their lipstick doesn’t stay on, it is not the problem of the lipstick but more likely the non-use of the lip brush. Most women don’t use a lip brush because they feel if they apply lipstick straight from the tube, it will last longer. The purpose of the lip brush is to paint the lips. Application with the brush controls the depth of the color, which gets placed into the nooks and crannies of the lips. The brush allows more control to create the outer edges and the inner corners, which are difficult to fill in all the way, and achieve an even finish. Fairweather Faces DUO Brush is a two-sided brush that has a pointy edge to help etch out the lips and a fuller edge to fill in.


7. Beige Lipstick


Fairweather highly recommends that women carry a beige lipstick in their kit. Beige is a color that is neglected, but all professional makeup artists understand the power of beige lipstick. Beige looks fantastic on all skin tones from the lightest to super gorgeous dark chocolate and adds chicness to the lip. It is also a product that makeup artists use to neutralize colors if a lipstick is too dark. For women who like a matte finish, the Fairweather Faces Skintight lipstick is a beige hue and a chic choice. For women who like a creamy, dewy finish, the Fairweather Faces Carrie lipstick is recommended. Each lip color is different in texture but is in the same beige realm, and they look fantastic on all complexions.




Gwendolyn Quinn is an award-winning media consultant with a career spanning more than 25 years. She is a contributor to BlackEnterprise.com and BE Pulse (via Medium.com), Huffington Post and EURWEB.com. Quinn is also a contributor to Souls Revealed and Handle Your Entertainment Business.