Career Growth: 7 Resources for the Freelance Writer

Career Growth: 7 Resources for the Freelance Writer

There are many talented writers who find themselves self-employed as a freelancer instead of working full time for one publication. Being a freelancer has rewards that allow it to be a viable income for many. The upside of not being tethered down to one position is that you can have your work featured by a plethora of various publications increasing your reach and following.

To be one of those writers that posses a following it is essential to take advantage of all of the resources that are available for growth in the field. Brazen Careerist offers seven resources every freelance writer should avail themselves of.

1. Seek out trade groups.
The National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) is a trade group for writers and editors that provides networking tools, a website and services such as accounting and house sitting (the last one being a great perk for writers in need of a writing retreat).

2.  Scour writing job boards
A good online job board for any kind of regional work, including freelance work, is Indeed. Online Writing Jobs is bare bones, but it’s updated regularly and pulls in listings from a variety of freelance writing job directories with magazine- or resume-writing gigs. If you’re looking specifically for blogging jobs, the ProBlogger job board is one of the best sources.

3.  Learn to love grammar gurus.
Solid grammar can make or break an article submission. The legendary grammar guide The Elements of Style is now completely free online.

Another fantastic resource for a freelance writer is Grammar Girl, an online resource with all of the grammar tips you need. This site will help you master comma usage and subject/verb agreement.

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