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7 Signs that You are a Woman Behaving Wealthy

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5.  Do you have protection plans on the electronic devices in your purse?

Protection plans protect you from loss or malfunction of your gadgets.  Let’s say that you lost your $300 smart phone and you need to replace it.  With a protection plan, you have the option of receiving a free replacement or one for small fee.  Protecting your gadgets is analogous to protecting your assets.  Everyday, you face innumerable risks and, thus, some degree of risk exposure.  A woman behaving wealthy protects her assets — loved ones, income, health, and property.

6.  Do you have an emergency card in your purse?

An emergency card details your healthcare emergency names and numbers (e.g., hospital, doctor, dentist, pharmacy, health insurance plan, insurance policy).  It also holds your family’s contact information (e.g., spouse’s, parent’s, and kid’s contact numbers) in case of an accident.  The best time to prepare for an emergency is before it happens.  If you have an emergency card, then you have taken steps to create a preparedness kit.  Women behaving wealthy are also prepared for the occurrence of other unfortunate instances.  Have you selected a custodial and financial guardian to care for your children in case a tragedy befalls you?  A woman behaving wealthy has a plan in place that protects her loved ones in the event of misfortune.

7.  Are your receipts and important papers (in your purse) organized by category?

The receipts and important documents in your purse can represent additional income and savings for you if you apply them to decrease your taxes.  Many purchases are potential deductions from and credits to income taxes.  By consistently categorizing the expenditures you make that are potential deductions and credits, you are employing tax-reduction strategies to increase your income or wealth.  Taxes are another detour on the wealth-building journey, as they erode your investing power.  A woman behaving wealthy has the objective of retaining as much income as possible, which can then be redirected to more savings.

After Peeking in Your Purse, are you a woman behaving wealthy?

Congratulations are in order if your answers to six or seven of the above items indicate you are on the journey to wealth! However, if your purse audit suggested that you aren’t quite on your desired road to financial independence, don’t worry! Take action today and transform your financial life by completing Women Behaving Wealthy’s FREE Wealth Assessment at

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Wealthy Women are rarely born that way. Most wealth is created. Robin A. Young creates Wealthy Women. It is Robin’s mission to educate and empower women to embody the necessary habits that create wealthy lives. Hence, Women Behaving Wealthyâ„¢ was born. Over Robin’s 12-year career as a Wall Street executive and financial advisor, she has adeptly integrated her academic training and investing experience with sound financial principles and a unique customized approach. This approach has allowed her to successfully manage the portfolios of over 500 millionaires and hundreds of other investors.