7 Signs That You’re Great at Your Job

7 Signs That You’re Great at Your Job

Many of us are constantly working hard, but haven’t gotten a chance to step back to see if they work we’re doing really matters. Are we doing great work? Is it just mediocre? Is it all pointless? Are we making vital contributions?

These questions have likely plagued everyone in a corporate environment at some point, as we grow used to what we‘re doing, how we’re doing it, and what we expect to see after we’re done. The mudane can drive us a bit insane while having us question our quality.

Below, BlackEnterprise.com has compiled a list of seven signs that you’re doing a good job, even if you can’t tell. Check it.

1.Everyone Loves You


They don’t have to love you, but they do because something about your presence and/or your work ethic makes the office environment more pleasant for everyone. Being great at your job doesn’t simply boil down to doing the work. It includes being great at communication, at accomplishing goals, and just great to work with in general.

2. Your Plate is Filling Up


Notice how you’re getting more responsibilities and being called to more meetings? It’s because you’re trusted, your work is appreciated, and your input is valued–all telling signs that your work is exceptional. Invite new opportunities to take on new task and try new things, but try not to overwhelm yourself–that’s the easiest way to go from greatness to just getting by. Next time you’re asked to do something new, smile and consider it as a “congratulations.”

3. Office Gossip


Though gossip is most often kryptonite to a work environment, in some cases, it may work in your favor. If they’re talking, they’re noticing. If you’re doing a swell job, the gossip about you will only be good. If it isn’t, that’s just hate, so pay it no mind. Talks of your next promotion might be swerving in that gossip. Keep your ears to the streets, and your eyes on the prize.

4. You’re Trusted


If your colleagues, and even superiors, tend to share confidential work and/or personal details with you, it’s because you’re regarded as someone who will take it all in without putting it all out. These people are most often held closely to those that trust them. If you’re getting exclusive intel, it can, very well, have all to do your exclusive demeanor and even more exclusive work. You’re the team everyone wants to play on–take note.

5. You Receive Feedback


Though feedback may not be the only way to know you’re great, it’s certainly may the easiest way. If your boss or colleagues are complimenting you on what a great job you’ve been doing, that’s resounding proof. Offering compliments in a competitive work space isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If they can muster the strength to compliment you, it’s often because they couldn’t possibly deny you.

6. You Don’t Get Any Feedback


On the flip side, in corporate America, no news can be good news. If you never really hear back about the work you’ve done, it’s likely because there aren’t any questions, critiques, notes, or concerns. You’ve knocked it out of the park, it’s expected, and there is nothing more to say. Keep your head low and rejoice.

7. You Feel It


This is–hands down–the most vital sign in knowing that you’re rocking out at work. No one knows what you’re capable of and when you’re rising to the occasion better than you do. If you’re feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment at work, you’re doing great–and all else is secondary. Always strive to make yourself proud–greatness resides in that space.


You’ve got this. Continue to be as great as you are.

Safon Floyd is the Digital Editor at Black Enterprise. Follow her at @accordingtofon.