7 Smart, Post-Internship Actions to Land the Gig

7 Smart, Post-Internship Actions to Land the Gig

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So you were able to land an internship, make it through—whether with flying colors or total flops—and you’re done. On to the next.

But what’s truly next? Successful leaders, young and seasoned, strategically take actions to ensure that almost every move in their career is one that plays a key role in their growth and advancement. You’d hate for the hours you spent working for a company to go completely to waste.

Brazen Careerist offers seven smart follow-up actions to ensure you maximize on your internship opportunity even when it’s long over:

1. Don’t forget to say thank you.
2. Don’t badmouth anyone.
3. Don’t lie about your experience.
4. Don’t share confidential information.
5. Don’t lose touch.
6. Don’t ask to be hired without having a plan.