7 Unique Side-Businesses to Start Now

Looking to create an additional stream of income but uncertain of what business to start? If so, CNN Money has a list of seven unique and lucrative businesses that may keep life fun while you earn a little cash.

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Private yoga instructor– Stress and aging seem to be the catalyst for the increase of yogis sprouting up around the country, according to CNN Money. Kerry Lynn, a private yoga instructor in West Palm Beach, Florida, sees about 20 clients a week, from December through May, and charges around $60 an hour. Her clients range from 40 to 75 years in age.

“It’s when the snowbirds are here,” she told Money, referring to the retirees who head south in the winter. “Some of them are nursing injuries and turn to yoga to heal. Others are older and want to stay fit and active,” she said.

Muralist– If you’re artistic and a bit of a visionary, this creative endeavor may be for you. Homeowners seeking to personalize their homes often seek out muralists to customize the space. Dagmar Vaught, a mural artist in Lilburn, Georgia, specializes in scenes for children’s rooms. Her murals, which take her an average two days, cost anywhere from $275 to $1,500.

“Clients come in cycles. Some months I’ll have five to seven murals commissioned, other months just two,” Vaught tells Money. However, in the last six months, her business is up 25%.

Moon bounce rental– Listen up ‘mompreneurs,’ this side-gig may speak directly to your audience. What would summer be without the moon bounce to uplift children’s birthday extravaganzas? According to Rob Wright, owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals in Springfield, P.A., the inflatable bounce-house business is becoming more elaborate, with some featuring obstacle courses and water slides. He rents his inflatables for $200 to $600 each.

For Wright, it’s a seasonal business. “But if your business is in [a] warm place, you can have steady business year round,” Wright tells Money.

To learn more about these unique small businesses and to view the entire list, visit CNN Money.