7 Women Authors Who Could Serve as Your Digital Mentors

7 Women Authors Who Could Serve as Your Digital Mentors

Whether you currently have a mentor who takes time out to see you, or you benefit from reading inspirational articles and quotes online when #Mondaymotivation rolls around, we at Black Enterprise feel there’s no such thing as too much advice and guidance on the path to success and self-improvement. And such guidance doesn’t have to be bestowed only during Women’s History Month.

Here, we’ve rounded up some powerful female authors who want to be your digital mentor year-round by way of their books. Regardless of whether you’re already a power woman making strides in your career or you are now newly blossoming into a recognized force, this list of books will give you an added boost of inspiration.

The authors provide thoughtful pearls of wisdom and courage, winning leadership strategies, and effective ways to boost self-confidence, while also instilling wise insights on how to build your brand and be unapologetic about the greatest asset you can give to the world–yourself.

1. Joyce M. Roche, The Empress Has No Clothes

Joyce Roche, retired president and CEO of Girls Incorporated and former Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit speaker, tackled what many have encountered climbing the career ladder: imposter syndrome. This book teaches us how to spend less time and energy questioning ourselves and fearing that the success we’ve achieved is something we don’t deserve, and more time remembering our efforts and our worth.

2. Carla Harris, Expect to Win

This high-energy power woman provides compelling and straightforward advice on how to thrive in a competitive workplace. Some pearls to take away: you are the captain of your career, be authentic and take risks, understand that your company hired you and that you are essential and indispensable, articulate your views, and show up as your best self every day.

3. Shonda Rhimes, Year of Yes

The self-proclaimed TV titan has a simple message: say “yes” to everything. This could just be what jump-starts anyone to create a shift in their personal and professional lives. Shonda says to “say yes to using your voice,” “say yes to saying no,” and “say yes to real friendships” among other things. At the end of this book, you’ll want to say “yes” to that dream career and a more improved you.

4. Judy Smith, Good Self, Bad Self

We can’t mention Shonda Rhimes without mentioning Judy Smith, the legal and PR brainchild behind Olivia Pope’s character on Rhimes’ hit TV show, Scandal. She reminds us that self-improvement and success doesn’t happen without failures, and shows us how to live with “personal missteps”  — from an awkward situation to a full-blown crisis. Her message: once you learn how to handle any bad situation, you can be confident in yourself regardless and further improve your personal brand.

5. Karen Civil, Be You, Be Civil

The Digital Renaissance Woman inspires by way of personal stories and daily affirmations. Civil shares lessons she had to learn along the way on fitting in and how, like her, one can find their mental strength, develop a positive attitude, and unlock their greatest potential.

6. Stacey Tisdale, The True Cost of Happiness: The Real Story Behind Managing Your Money

The proverbial roundtable of digital mentors isn’t complete without some financial advice. Written alongside Paula Boyler Kennedy, Tisdale noticed that it wasn’t money that was causing unhappiness for many but rather, the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money. She offers up ways to successfully plan for the financial future by restructuring our thoughts surrounding our finances.

7. Mary Pender Greene, Creative Mentorship and Career Building Strategies: How to Build Your Virtual Personal Board of Directors

Pender Greene, the inspiration for this piece, told Black Enterprise that, like a working board of directors, we all need different kinds of people to serve as our mentors. She stressed that it’s important to have, for instance, someone who is good with career strategy, another who slays at self-care, and another who is an expert on money. This diverse pool of professionals is a vital asset to your network. And hopefully this list can serve as your starting point.