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Elderly Florida Woman Charged With Attempted Murder After Husband Receives Postcard From Ex-Girlfriend

Bertha Yalter, 71, was enraged after her husband got a postcard from a woman he had dated six decades earlier. 

An elderly Florida woman was arrested for attempting to murder her husband after he received a postcard from one of his ex-girlfriends on Jan 28. 

According to WSAZ 3, 71-year-old Bertha Yalter was charged with attempted murder, aggravated battery on a person 65 and older, and tampering with a victim.

Authorities explained that the incident occurred after her husband received a postcard from a woman he had dated six decades earlier. 

Yalter reportedly flew into a violent rage in the couple’s Eastern Shores North Miami Beach home. Her husband recalled to police that she “tried to smother him with a pillow, bit and physically battered him.” 

The official arrest report detailed the victim after the attack as being “extremely fragile with serious bruises and open lacerations on both of his arms and stomach area, as well as open bite marks that were bleeding.”

Yalter was arrested by responding officers and is currently being held for attempted murder without bond in Miami Dade County jail. 

Investigators have asked the public for any further information pertaining to the case, but there is a cell phone recording of the incident that has been issued into evidence, and Law and Crime reported that Yalter admitted to the domestic violence incident while in police custody. 

However, Yalter’s lawyer, Jeff Weiner, told the outlet that her husband wanted to drop the case. He said Yalter didn’t try to smother him with a pillow and that it was a marital spat that turned “unfortunate and distasteful.”

“They got into an argument; it got out of hand, but there was absolutely no reason for her to be charged with attempted second-degree murder,” said Weiner.

Weiner added that if she is released from jail, she will be issued a temporary restraining order from her husband and unable to contact him by court order.

“This thing has been blown so out of proportion, they’re just sick about it. Both of them,” he said.