Here are 8 Jobs Where African Americans Average Six-Figure Salaries

Here are 8 Jobs Where African Americans Average Six-Figure Salaries

Comparably, a website that provides comprehensive information on compensation, salaries, and company culture, across all industries— recently came out with an eye-opening report that includes jobs for which African Americans average six-figure salaries.

For this report, Comparably focused on the tech sector. Comparably used its extensive database to analyze salary and compensation trends. In the report the company states: “The results come from the salary records of more than 30,000 workers at small, mid-size, and large public and private U.S. tech companies. The data was collected between March 2016 and August 2017…”

Here is the list of tech jobs where African Americans average $100,000 or more in annual salary:

Architect – $116,486

DevOps – $108,058

Director of Marketing – $128,160

Director of Product – $159,707

IT Manager – $100,320

Lead Engineer – $128,424

Product Manager – $116,016

Sales Engineer – $134,995

The report also reveals some unfortunate news. African Americans earn lower compensation than other ethnicities in the same position. For example, a white IT manager averages $108,982 and a Hispanic averages $104,703 in the same position. Asians command the highest salary across-the-board; an Asian IT manager averages $125,746.

The data is also broken down in the report by location and gender. Workers receive the highest salary and compensation in San Francisco with a few exceptions for some positions: developers and directors of product earn more in Seattle and sales engineers earn more in New York City.

Surprisingly, the study revealed two tech positions where women earn higher salaries than men: as developers at an average of $103,176 for women versus $102,360 for men; and as IT managers at an average of $113,029 versus $110,815 for men.