Twitter VIPs: 8 Money Experts Add to Your Must-Follow Listt

How to Make Money on Twitter: Here Are 8 Money Experts to Follow

how to make money on twitter

Many of us spend a lot of time scrolling through, double-clicking, and constantly sharing content on social media. Hey, who doesn’t love a good cat frolic, viral Trump meme, food photo, or makeup tutorial? Why not add a few money motivators–some driven by experience and self-education and others by finance backgrounds and Wall Street boss moves–to your “I Need to Get My $ Up” list on Twitter? We know Facebook and Instagram are the big dogs on the social media block, but with Twitter, the knowledge nuggets are short, sweet, diverse, and clickable. Here are a few money experts to guide you on how to make money on Twitter:

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche
Millennial Financial Fitness Advocate & Blogger

A young woman with an amazing story of rebounding from unemployment, Aliche makes budgeting more relatable and fun–way more than the cringe-inducing idea of penny-pinching and cutting that late-night Amazon habit. Her quick tips and no-fluff strategies are golden–especially for young professionals fearful of the b-word.

Tai and Talaat McNeely
Marriage and Marriage Experts

There’s hope in the love department for some of us who ran up one–or five–too many credit card bills in college and have faced the cringe-worthy experience of explaining financial snafus to the future beau-for-life. One McNeely was great with money and the other wasn’t. Their tweets include a mixture of financial fitness humor, love, and money advice via video, and inspirational success stories of others.

Tarra Jackson
Economic Empowerment Educator & Consultant

Jackson brings her experience working in financial services, with positions ranging from bank training manager to vice president of lending, to interim president and CEO and mixes it with a nice curation of shared content on investing, debt reduction, and her #CashChat recaps detailing personal finance conversations with other money motivators.

Tonya Rapley
Personal Finance Influencer, Founder of My Fab Finance

You won’t just find general finger-wagging tips on the ideal path to financial freedom with this one. Rapley gets into specifics like saving on your health insurance or building up savings while in debt. She also includes a nice mix of pick-me-up quips to help soothe the aches of money mistakes, daily financial obligations, and that hard, but well worth it journey up the wealth-building mountain.

Rich Jones & Marcus Garrett
Money & Work Advice for Millennials

Two smart guys. An awesome podcast telling the real-deal on personal finances as they relate to work, home, and everything in between. This is the best place to get updates on their latest candid convos on career advancement, side hustles, debt reduction and how to maximize how you spend your day and your money.

Jonnelle Marte
Blogger, The Washington Post’s “Get There”

A personal finance reporter, she’s the lead writer for the Post‘s online money section. Peppered with political news and updates that more than likely will affect your pocket, her tweets also include articles on reaching specific savings goals, making great tax prep decisions, and millennial homeownership.

Chris Hogan
Author & Strategist on Retirement, Business and Leadership

A former All-American football player, Hogan’s account is a one-stop shop for simple yet thorough advice on money management and saving, particularly in prep for retirement. It’s also where you can find quick updates on his latest Retire Inspired podcasts and #Daystarter memes that quickly remind you to stay the financial freedom course.

Amiyrah Martin
Family Finance & Budgeting Blogger

A wife and mother of three, Martin tweets family friendly content on budget vacations, money education for children, back-to-school shopping, and cost-effective reviews that even single women or men or couples still in the honeymoon phase can benefit from.