8 Ways for Obama to Help Minority Businesses Create Jobs

Many Hispanics and other minorities were not satisfied with President Obama’s record during his first term, feeling he did not live up to many of the promises he made when he first became President.

“I feel entitled to hold him (Obama) accountable and demand that he deliver on his promises,” said Hank Wilfong, who organized Black Republicans For Obama (BRO).

Community leaders plan to come together at the Minority Business Roundtable event this week on December 7th in Washington D.C. to discuss the way the president’s policies have failed minorities.

For example, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce called for a total review of federal contracting practices because “President Obama’s minority business strategy has failed to achieve its goals.” Some leaders plan on asking the president to consider replacing some of the individuals he appointed to carry out his policies.

Raul Espinosa is the Managing Partner of the Umbrella Initiative, whose mission is “to double the number of small and minority businesses contracting with the Federal, State and local governments by the year 2020.” He recently put together a list of 8 key steps the president needs to take to help minority businesses create jobs, including eliminating barriers, paying attention to minority advocates & relying on private industry.

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