Black Blogger Month: ’83 to Infinity, An Interactive Way to Keep Your Hair Flowing

Black Blogger Month: ’83 to Infinity, An Interactive Way to Keep Your Hair Flowing


Niche: Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle

Founder: Bridget Quammie

Twitter: @BeeSince83

In a time where communities are fighting to just be themselves, and accept people for who they are, Bridget “Bee” Quammie, founder of 83 To Infinity, is becoming Toronto’s advocate for cultural acceptance, natural hair and all.

While thousands of Websites offer tips on the best natural hair products and how to embrace your natural hair, many of them only focus on products and brands offered in the U.S. So, this Afro-Canadian locks lover has taken it upon herself to seek out the best hair supplies available in North America’s upper region, and place all the information in space she likes to call “fun time.” But as readers flock to her interactive living room for natural hair guidance, Bee also finds herself using her personal relationships as a way to relate to readers and help them navigate their way through love.

As continues its Black Blogger Month celebration, we recognize Bee the Blogger for pushing the envelope in the hair care industry and giving her fellow Canadians a way to keep the curls flowing.

’83 to Infinity is…

My baby. It was my own personal stress reliever that just came to grow into much more, and it speaks to the fact that writing has always been something that’s been a love of mine. [Writing] was something that I kind of kept to myself, but with ‘83 To Infinity, I decided to be more public with my writing.

People come to my blog for…

The natural hair section. I’m in Toronto, and one of the things I’ve found and heard from a lot of people is that we always–especially the natural hair community–read a lot of blogs that are based in the U.S. But the problem is that those blogs mention different product lines or stylists or events [that] we don’t have access to up here. A lot of Canadian women, and men, are drawn to the natural hair side because I make an effort to highlight Canadian people and local people so that we know what products and brands and stylists and events we have going on up here.

I’ve learned people are scared of natural hair because…

They feel that it’s going to block them from professional opportunities or it’s going to make them less attractive to the opposite sex, whomever they’re attracted to. [It’s one] of the biggest misconceptions.