9-5 and 6-10: How to Find Work-Work Balance

If you’ve been tuned in, BlackEnterprise.com has been conducting a series, 9-5, 6-10, detailing how entrepreneurs are going about successfully balancing their day jobs (9-5) with their additional pursuits (6-10).

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With hectic work schedules and other life demands, many entrepreneurs may find it difficult to balance aspirations. Throughout this series, we’ve learned that the work-work balance isn’t impossible with the help of boundaries, organization, and most notably, time management.

We’ve reached out to those who are successfully maintaining this balance to provide you with tips that you may find helpful when implementing your own balancing act.

Please feel free to join the conversation to help your fellow entrepreneurs find ways to have it all. Tips, apps, strategies, and anecdotes are welcome.

Check out what Black Enterprise’s in-house artist had to add to the conversation:

Shay Chinhengo

9-5:  Senior Graphic Designer at Black Enterprise

6-10: Shay Leonora, Creative Consultant and Graphic Designer

Balancing Act:

I’d say you have to manage your time wisely. You can’t really afford to waste any time because that time should be used either on your job or on your entrepreneurial endeavors. I use my lunchtime too, even if it’s to make a call, research, or complete a project…there is no time to waste.

Lists, lists, lists!!! I live by lists and live for the satisfaction I get from crossing out a task/tasks as completed. When you have a list you always know what you can complete when you have 5 minutes, 20 minutes, or an hour. To-do lists keep the ball rolling.

Stay alert! Even at work you can get ideas that will help you with your side project or business. Always be alert and attentive; don’t ever tune out thinking nothing applies to you or what you’re doing because inspiration, information, tips, etc. come from everywhere. Stay present and be in the spirit of your passion or project always.

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