9 p.m. Poll Closings, Obama Pushes Ahead

9 p.m. Poll Closings, Obama Pushes Ahead

A number of swing states closed polls at 9 p.m. including Sen. John McCain’s home state Arizona, and battle ground states, New Mexico, Colorado and parts of Michigan. Polls closed in 11 other states too.


MSNBC and CNN polls show McCain leading 50% to 48%, though they both project Obama taking the state’s 17 electoral votes. Obama came out victorious in North Eastern states winning New York and Rhode Island.


Though McCain is ahead of Obama in the swing state of New Mexico 41% to 58%, MSNBC projects Obama winning the state’s 5 electoral votes.


Arizona, McCain’s home state has proved not to be a sure shot as votes are still being tallied in what has turned out to be a close race.


MSNBC shows Obama pulling ahead of McCain in electoral votes, 207 to 129.