6 Signs Your Job Is Not the Right One For You

6 Signs Your Job Is Not the Right One For You

So you go in to work every day and you never come home feeling positive. Every task is a bore or simply does not motivate you to want to do well. You have the Monday blues every Monday, and you’re just not excelling.

Well, these are all tale-tell signs the job you have isn’t right for you. Like dating someone totally incompatible, staying at a job that just doesn’t fit you not only does a disservice to yourself but to the other party as well. Make room for someone else who might love the position, and find an opportunity that is perfect for you.

Writer Blair Bedford gives six signs your job may not be the right fit for you, and how you can make the step toward something better.

You can’t see yourself advancing. The anticipation of advancement in the workplace should have you excited and should be expected as an employee. But if you have been on the job for more than a year or two and you still don’t see yourself advancing in the company or field, it’s time to evaluate your professional happiness and relevance in that position.

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