The 9 Strangest Things Ever Sold on eBay

The 9 Strangest Things Ever Sold on eBay

They say, “Everything has a price.” That old adage has never been more obvious than with the news of a recent auction on eBay. CNN reports that a Cheeto (yes, the cheese-dusted snack) resembling the late gorilla Harambe, allegedly sold for $100,000 on the bidding site.


The verified seller’s page does, in fact, show a curiously shaped Hot Cheeto, which sold for $99,999 on February 7.  It’s speculated that the Cheeto is of the Xxtra Flamin’ Hot variety.

There have been quite a few oddball transactions in eBay’s 21-year history. Here are nine more of the strangest things ever sold on the site:


1. An Entire Village


A small Tuscan village in Italy, Pratariccia, went up for auction in 2012. Its bid price was $3.1 million. The village was practically a ghost town covering 20 acres and consisting of 25 buildings.


7. Britney Spears’ Hair


They can never leave Britney alone; even on eBay. Right after the performer shaved her head in 2007, the salon where she performed the infamous shearing put locks of Spears’ hair up for auction–with an asking price of $1,000,000. This was a violation of eBay’s policy, and the auction was quickly shut down.


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