5 Kids Reunited with Parents Two Months After Marijuana-Related Traffic Stop

5 Kids Reunited with Parents Two Months After Marijuana-Related Traffic Stop

The five Georgia children taken from their parents almost two months ago after a traffic stop in Tennessee have returned home. 

According to the Tennessee Lookout, Bianca Clayborne and Deonte Williams were stopped by Tennessee State Troopers for driving with a dark tint and traveling in the left lane without passing. During the traffic stop, state troopers found five grams of marijuana.

Williams was arrested, and Clayborne was given a ticket and told she could leave with her children. 

However, while waiting to post bail for Williams, all five children were taken from their parents. Initially, the children – ages 7, 5, 3, 2, and a four months – were split between three foster homes. However, a friend of the family got custody of the children shortly afterward. 

Department of Children Services (DCS) received an order to remove the children from their parents’ home because they said the children were being neglected and there was no other option, the Lookout reported. The DCS said the children referred to their father as the “weed man” and that they accompanied their parents on drug deals.

In trying to get back their kids, Williams and Clayborne had to take drug tests. Williams tested positive for THC, while Clayborne tested negative, according to the Lookout.

The case got the attention of several organizations and politicians. The Tennessee NAACP and Democratic lawmakers spoke out on the family’s behalf.  As a result, the children were finally returned to their parents’ home in Georgia last week.

“The family is planning a celebration in their hometown,” Courtney Teasley, the family’s attorney said. “We will follow up with a press conference and celebration in Nashville in about a week or so after the family has gotten to enjoy time together and reclaim so much unnecessary lost time.”