Black-Owned Company Sells Herbal Products for Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido

Black-Owned Company Sells Herbal Products for Erectile Dysfunction and Low Libido

A Black-owned company is selling herbal-formulated products to help keep bedroom spice alive. Live Natural sells a host of products—from candies to male enhancing capsules and creams for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. On Live Natural’s website, the company said that customers have achieved success using that product that is free of  medication or side effects.

Women have not been left out of the romance building conversation. Eve’s Alpha 8 is designed to address issues such hormonal changes, vagina dryness and low sex drive. According to the website, Alpha RX Plus contains seven herbs to improve sexual performance and does not force blood to the penis. A Survey about Alpha RX Plus even provided statistics about how the product work out for men who used it. reported that JR Scroggins started Live Natural in 2011. His product, Alpha RX Plus sold so well among men in the 40-75 demographic, he eventually sold the company to his manufacturer. In 2018, Mr. Scroggins returned to lead his company, due to the trust and customer service developed, according to the article.


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Additionally,  mentioned one of Scroggins’ happy but anonymous customers happens to be a minister’s wife. Scroggins was extremely happy and proud when she provided feedback about the products.

“You are really doing a good thing. You’re doing God’s work for men,” the customer said, according to

According to WEB MD, erectile dysfunction can be indicative of heart problems, diabetes, nerve disorders, mood problems, smoking, hormone problems and other health concerns.

“Although ED is more common in men over 75, guys of any age can have it,” WEB MD also said.

Saint John’s Cancer Institute’s blog pointed out that as men grow older, their physical health needs to be looked after to screen for issues.

“The prostate changes over time, as well as urinary and sexual function. It’s important to find a urologist you like and trust so you can begin to build a relationship. Starting around age 40, you should visit a urologist and make sure you continue with yearly checkups and screenings to keep you healthy,” the blog content informed.