Comic Book Series Gives Graphic Look of What Could Have Happened During Jan. 6 Attacks

If you ever wondered what would have happened if the Jan. 6 attacks were successful, then this series lays out an alternate reality.

“1/6: The Graphic Novel” was co-written by Harvard Law School professor Alan Jenkins and New York Times best-selling author Gan Golan. Using comic book format, the writers detail shocking things that would have occurred if the overturn of the 2020 presidential election went the way co-conspirators wanted.

Scenes like giant Confederate flags flying over the Lincoln Memorial and armed federal agents taking over a news broadcast occur in the first issue of the four-part series. “Under the authority of the Fair and Balanced Media Act of 2021, this network has been declared an enemy of freedom,” the officers shout, weapons drawn. “Turn off those cameras.”

1/6: The Graphic Novel
(Image: Courtesy One Six Comics)

Jenkins and Golan call their work a “tale of what was, what could have been and what still might be.”

Their series is one of many works popping up regarding the attacks. “This Place Rules,” a disturbing documentary streaming on HBO Max, follows interviews of far-right extremists, QAnon followers, and other conspiracy theorists.

Plus, the official Jan. 6 report should be dropping soon, as publishers are fighting for rights to the manuscript, according to the New York Times.

1/6: The Graphic Novel
(Image: Courtesy One Six Comics)

While there are fictional depictions of what could have happened that gloomy day, Golan says real-life heroes will be included. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, who led the mob away from the Senate chamber, will make an appearance.

The story takes a fact-and-fiction approach, using a full research team and rewriting the story during the hearings, as new revelations and details appeared. Both writers hope the graphic novel will give people an inside look at a world Golan says “we need to work very hard to avoid.”

The first chapter is already available for download and three more issues are expected to be released this year.