A Few Keys to an Affordable Family Vacation

A Few Keys to an Affordable Family Vacation

The kids are almost out of school, and many American families are thinking it’s time to take a vacation. It’s a great time to make the move before they go to summer camp — and before you know it, it’ll be time to gear up for school again.

“Save money by picking a hotel that has a pool, playground, nearby hiking or other on-property activities. In addition, many hotels offer suites with their own kitchens,” says a tip from Boston.com and the Massachusetts Society of Certified Public Accountants. “While these may cost more than regular rooms, the savings on restaurants may more than offset the higher price.”

Family vacations can be tough because many people feel they have to one up their neighbors and friends with tales of trips to exotic locales. Not much fun telling someone who just got back from Bali with their family that all you did was go to North Carolina for a family reunion.

Keeping up with appearances can be deadly to your finances.

“Search for online vacation deals. Use travel sites to search for the lowest airfare, hotel rates, and car rentals, as well as entertainment deals. It’s a good idea to check specific airline sites, too, because they may be advertising specials that aren’t included on the bargain sites.”

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