A Fresh Cut For a Fresh Start: Designed for Success

A Fresh Cut For a Fresh Start: Designed for Success

Fresh Cut, Fresh Start is a back to school event that has been held for the past seven years. The event, held at Joey Cuts Barber Salon (@JoeyCuts) in Kansas City, MO, focuses on giving kids a fresh start for the new school year–young men are given free haircuts, book bags, school supplies, and genuine words of encouragement to help them succeed. Since the event’s inception, barber salon owner Joseph Thomas has expanded it to now offer resources and additional information to parents of the youth, as well as provide services to both boys and girls.

To successfully host Fresh Cut, Fresh Start, Thomas obtains volunteers in the form of family, friends, and other local barbers that support the event’s purpose: to encourage and positively influence the youth in the community and push them in the right direction. How does one balance charitably helping his community and operating a profitable business all in one?

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Thomas, founder of the Know Joey Foundation, a nonprofit focused on improving the community, and whose barber salon is a former Steve Harvey Hoodie Award winner for America’s Best Barbershop, gives BlackEnterprise.com tips on how to simultaneously stay sharp, focus on business, and give back to the community.

Stay determined and dedicated. When you have a desire, goal, or dream–stick to it. Remain dedicated and stay determined to accomplish what you want. Thomas expresses just how blessed he has been: When he began his journey in 2008, he did not have all the answers. Investors fell through and things did not go as planned. However, he had numerous people willing to commit to his dream, invest in his life, and help things fall into place. Through it all he remained determined and did not give up.

Invest wisely. Invest your time, energy and resources wisely. Thomas states that he makes sure he does this from mental, financial, and spiritual standpoints. Remember, there will be negativity around you because it comes with the territory. What you invest in will give you a return, whether positive or negative so make sure you are sowing into the things and people which will help your vision or business move forward.

Continue to build. In order to expand and grow your business, you have to continue to build. Thomas says that he is continuously building both his finance and relationships. Dedicating time to contribute to two vital items can help mature the growth of your business. He intends on establishing a barber college and using this in both aspects given. The results of the barber college will help his productivity and growth in the cosmetology industry.

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