A Guide To Black-Owned Wine and Spirits Companies For Your Summer Activities

A Guide To Black-Owned Wine and Spirits Companies For Your Summer Activities

With the start of summer comes seasonal drinks for kickbacks with friends and family while enjoying the weather. While COVID-19 restrictions may still be in effect as states ease to reopen, its still a time where you can enjoy your favorite summer drink either by yourself or with a companion. As you prepare your bar with your favorite wine and spirits, add a few Black-owned brands to your top shelf.

For Outdoor Dining And Picnic–Le Fête Du Rose

As the first Black-owned rose based out of St. Tropez, France, founder and CEO, Donae Burston wanted to created a wine that was more multicultural focus in its marketing materials. The fruity, eco-friendly rose wine is ideal for outdoor outings like picnics with friends on a beautiful day.

For People Dreaming Of Their Next Vacation–Cremas Absalon 

Cremas is a Haitian rum similar to coquito in Puerto Rico. Cremas Absalon brings the traditional drink to a larger audience with a twist: a cream liqueur with a taste that reminds you of an island vacation. The company also produces an ice cream made from the rum to enjoy during the summer.

For Drinks After Dark With Friends–HH Bespoke Spirits

Gin is another popular spirit that shows a lack of diversity in its field. The owners behind HH Bespoke Spirits used the inspiration of the Harlem Renaissance to bring their traditional London Dry style gin to a modern American audience.

For Weekend Self-Care–Bass Sangria 

Sangria is a staple at many brunches around the country, and California-based Bass Sangria is now bringing consumers and a new assortment of flavors for the summer. The brand is known for its fruit and herb combinations, including raspberry hibiscus.

For Someone Who Enjoys A Solo Drink–Uncle Nearest

Uncle Nearest is named after the country’s first Black master distiller, Nathan “Nearest” Green, who was believed to perfect the Lincoln Country Process that created Tennessee Whiskey. He is also the one who taught Jack Daniels how to distill his whiskey. The brand opened in 2019 in Tennessee to honor the African American whiskey maker.

For Drinks At Sunset–FLO Wine

Created by jazz pianist, Marcus Johnson, the founder’s love of music and wine find their way into a Sonoma wine that is the perfect red blend of merlot, zinfandel, and cabernet.