'A Heroic Job': Boston Neighbor Applauded For Saving Mom, Two Kids From Burning Building

‘A Heroic Job’: Boston Neighbor Applauded For Saving Mom, Two Kids From Burning Building

Neighbor Clifford Saint Jean helped a mother and her two kids escape from a burning building. (Video Screenshot via NBC Boston 10)

Over the weekend, the Boston Fire Department praised the “heroic job” of a vigilant neighbor who helped a mother and two children escape from a burning building.

As reported by NBC Boston, a residential building on Delford Street in Roslindale, Massachusetts caught on fire early Saturday morning. The fire department confirmed that the endangered family was trapped on the second floor when neighbor Clifford Saint Jean came to the rescue.

Jean grabbed a mattress from his backyard and placed it outside the second floor window. He instructed the mom to drop her five-year-old child to safety, and the woman and her teenager followed after.

Jean told NBC Boston that although the family was scared, he ensured them that he was there. He said he was happy to help.

According to the heroic neighbor, the mother was very grateful towards him, telling him, “Thank you, you saved my life, you saved my family’s life,” according to Today.

The Boston Fire Department took to Twitter on Sept. 3 to share the life- saving outcome and the actions of the man responsible for the amazing deed.

“A heroic job by the next door neighbor to save a mother and her 2 children who were trapped on the 2nd floor by heavy fire at the 3 alarm fire on Delford St,” the department tweeted. “He put a mattress down for them to jump as he caught the 5 year old that the mother dropped out the window to him.”

According to NBC Boston, fire officials verified five adults and four children were removed from the burning building.