Did a Jar of Sand From the Beach Where Tom Brady Retired Sell for $100K?

There is proof that anything can be sold, even if it appears ridiculous. Case in point, a jar of sand, not from the promised land, and not from the motherland, was listed last week and may have sold for nearly $100,000. A jar of sand!

According to USA Today, over the weekend, someone put up for sale a jar of sand from the same beach where recent NFL retiree, Tom Brady, made the announcement that he would no longer be playing football. Not only was the jar of sand being auctioned off on eBay, but it actually had someone who placed a bid for $99,900.

Yes, you read that correctly, close to $100,000.

The Miami Herald reported that Brady, who some consider the best player to put on a uniform in the NFL, made the video announcing that this was his last season playing the sport in which he won seven Super Bowls. The video was recorded on a beach in Surfside, which is located in Miami Beach near the Indian Creek property that he and his former wife, Gisele Bündchen, bought back in 2020.

The video clip, which has been viewed almost 125 million times is shown below:

The eBay user, gadgetgs posted the jar for sale sometime last week. He posted a pic of The New York Times that shows the Feb. 1 date that the retired quarterback posted his retirement plans.

ESPN’s Sportscenter posted proof of the eBay listing.

The actual posting is no longer up, but it has not been confirmed that someone actually bought the item. If so, they would have had to pay, at minimum, $100,000, since the last reported listing price was $99,900.

USA Today stated that eBay user, gadgetgs had a 100% positive feedback rate with 489 reviews. The jar may have been sold, as gadgetgs now has 490 reviews.

There is also another listing for, possibly, another jar of sand that has 0 bids.