A Loftier Stay

The Dorchester In London, (www.thedorchester.com), a historic, luxurious hotel property, is now ready to host its guests in its newly renovated rooftop suites. Pictured is the Terrace Suite, which overlooks Hyde Park. Its most indulgent feature is the master bathroom, which offers views of the private terrace and 37 fiber-optic lights above the Kohler Chromatherapy Riverbath tub for two. Stay for L5,000 (about $10,000) a night.

John Allan (www.johnallans. com) is well regarded in the areas of men’s grooming and male accessories. His latest convenience is the Roll Up. Made from genuine leather, this carry-all kit comes with two-ounce bottles of shampoo, exfoliating scrub, shaving cream, moisturizer, and cleansing body wash, enough for about five days away from home. Packs for $245.

They are the height of utilitarian fashion: These bags look good, but they also work for you. Angela Theodora’s (www.angelatheodora.com) leather overnighters, with a variety of smart compartments, are perfect for a weekend stay or as a stylish carry-on. The Carlyle (center) travels for $1,100. The Savoy offers a sporty look for men (left) and women (right) for $960.