A Malawi University Nullifies Woman’s Degree After She Lights It On Fire In Viral Video

A Malawi University Nullifies Woman’s Degree After She Lights It On Fire In Viral Video

Landing a job after college graduation is not always easy. But a young Malawian woman proved she had had enough and took her frustrations out on her degree certificate.

Exploits University in Lilongwe, Malawi, has completely nullified a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration awarded to its unemployed graduate, Bridget Thapwile Soko, for setting her certificate on fire in a viral TikTok video, according to Malawian news publication, Nyasa Times.

The footage, uploaded by Africa Facts Zone, shows Soko sitting by a fire while holding her degree to the burning flames. The post confirmed that the woman was upset about her struggles of gaining employment or even an interview following her academic achievement.

“Degree gone,” Soko can be heard saying in the video.

In response, social media users jumped to assumptions about clout chasing, claiming that Soko is now making money on TikTok.

On the other hand, Dr. Desmond W. Bikoko, the president of Exploits University, found Soko’s actions to be a “disgrace” to the university and sent a formal letter informing her of the revocation in consequence.

“We have learnt with disappointment that you recorded a video clip burning a degree that we awarded to you upon completion of your studies with Exploits University and posted to social media,” the letter reads.

“It is our interpretation that you did this to disgrace and tarnish the image of the university. The university is therefore revoking the degree of business administration awarded to you. Consequently, you are no longer a graduate of Exploits University and as such your degree certificate is invalidated with immediate effect,” the letter continued.

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While some people may not agree with Soko’s actions, they also expressed their contempt against the university for retaliation.

“Revoking an awarded degree is a serious matter that cannot be driven by emotions. This has been a big fail by the university if the letter is genuine,” said Facebook user Kondwani Chirembo, per Nyasa Times.

“This is not an honorary degree and what she has committed is not academic misconduct,” Francis Chiumia also shared on Facebook.