What a Mighty Big Man! Ghanaian Named as the World’s Tallest Man

What a Mighty Big Man! Ghanaian Named as the World’s Tallest Man

A man from Ghana named Sulemana Abdul Samed made headlines after being recognized as the world’s tallest man. 

Ghanaian nurses reportedly told the 29-year-old that he was 9 feet and 6 inches tall following Samed’s recent visit. According to BBC, Samed has monthly hospital visits because of his gigantism condition. 

Gigantism occurs when an individual has excessive growth hormones, which in turn causes that person to grow at an alarming rate, according to reports.

Although it can be treated if caught early, those diagnosed with this condition can have adverse effects. According to My Cleveland Clinic, the list includes “mobility issues, sleep apnea, enlarged heart, etc.” 

Samed’s frequent checkups stemmed from the medical professionals finding ways to help him comfortably adjust to his life as a giant. During his most recent visit, Samed, also nicknamed Awuche, caught nurses off guard after they saw that he was taller than the hospital scale.

One of the nurses claimed that she had to acquire assistance from her co-workers in figuring out how tall Samed was. The group then used a measuring stick and a pole to determine Samed’s height, which was way over 9 feet. Despite the commotion, this wasn’t a shock to Samed because he acknowledged that he was different in his early 20s.

When Samed was 22, he dreamed of becoming a truck driver. So during his pursuit, Samed moved to Accra and found a job in a butcher shop to pay school expenses. Then out of the blue, Samed noticed that his tongue had grown to an abnormal size, which led him to have breathing problems.

Samed told BBC, “I realized my tongue had expanded in my mouth to the extent that I could not [breathe properly].” Samed added that before figuring out his diagnosis, he thought he was suffering from an allergic reaction, so he decided to go to a pharmacy and pick up antibiotics.

After a couple of days, Samed realized that other parts of his body had begun to grow. This continued happening for years, and it has now caused his spine to curve because of another condition called Marfan syndrome. The publication describes Marfan syndrome as a disorder that affects an individual’s “cognitive tissues.”

Although Samed’s conditions have limited him from participating in everyday activities, he claims that he wouldn’t change a thing because that is how God “created” him. He said, “That is how Allah chose it for me. I am OK. I don’t have a problem with the way God created me.”

When Samed was asked how he felt about all the attention he is getting from the community, he disclosed that he never turns down a photo opportunity. He stated, “I usually will say, ‘Yes, come closer’—we stand and take nice pictures.”

Samed’s height now surpasses the Guinness World Record held by Sultan Kösen. The Turkey native stood at 8 feet and 2.8 inches.