A New Minority By 2050

2050 the word minority could refer to a different racial group, according to projections from the Pew Research Center. If immigration trends continue, the U.S. population will increase by almost 50%, and whites will comprise only 47% of the populace. Unless policy changes check the flow of immigrants into the country, the Latino population — which makes up the largest minority group — will triple, and the percentage of Asians will double. African Americans, however, are expected to remain at 13% of the U.S. population.

Magazines Are In The Black
African Americans read more magazines than other ethnicities, according to the African-American/Black Market Profile released in February by the Magazine Publishers of America. It stated that 86% of African Americans read magazines and that blacks peruse, on average, three titles more per month than the general market. The appetite for ethnic content inspired the launch of 85 new publications targeting African Americans between 2002 and 2006.



  • 29% HISPANIC
  • 13% BLACK
  • 9% ASIAN
  • 2% OTHER

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