Viral Chipotle TikTok Trend Causes Chaos for Restaurant Workers

Viral Chipotle TikTok Trend Causes Chaos for Restaurant Workers

TikTok‘s latest viral trend about a modified Chipotle quesadilla recipe has caused chaos for restaurant employees. Long lines and how meals are prepared are on the list of issues.

This event began late last month after a social media user named Alexis Frost, who lives in San Jose California, uploaded a video on her TikTok page about a quesadilla order one Chipotle employee put her onto. Frost shared in the Dec. 20 clip that the individual told her to get a steak quesadilla with extra cheese and fajita veggies.

Before taking a bite, Frost claimed that the worker told her it could easily substitute a Philly cheesesteak. As the social media user began to dig in, Frost instantly gave her approval by telling her followers that the meal hack was “Definitely a 10.”

The post initially went viral after another TikTok user Keith Lee reviewed it the next day. In Lee’s video, the social media user said though he followed the recipe the way Frost had explained it, the one thing he felt was missing to complete the meal was vinaigrette.

When Lee tried the quesadilla, he forgot he was recording a review a couple of times while appearing mesmerized by the flavorful taste. The post has since generated 3.6 million views and received over 540,000 likes.

Following Lee’s video, other social media users have shared numerous clips of themselves trying the quesadilla, attempting to get in on the action. Many of these recordings can be found using the #quesadillahack and #chipotlehacks hashtags. This trend has become so popular that certain Chiptole restaurants had to deny orders of that quesadilla because of the massive wave of customers. 

On December 30, a Chipotle employee ranted on Reddit about the meal and how they received an email from their Field Leader that they would be fired if caught serving the quesadilla. The termination stemmed from various food safety violations the employees would commit while making the meal.

When this story and TikTok were reported on Today’s website, Chipotle released a statement saying that although the company is happy about the sudden interest in the specialized quesadillas, they claimed this meal is only supposed to be ordered online. The reason is its preparation time and helping the employees “avoid overcrowding” in the establishment.

The Chipotle statement ended with the company saying that although they it have that particular quesadilla order on their menu, it is exploring the idea of adding it in the future.