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A Random Walk Down Wall Street (With Protesters)

The White House, of course, isn’t just focused on bank bailouts. The administration’s economic stimulus plan is targeted squarely on regular working (and out-of-work) Americans. There are whole truckloads of tax credits, additions to unemployment benefits, healthcare subsidies for layoff victims, home-buyer tax breaks, and even
extra monies in each working-person’s paycheck. For struggling homeowners, there’s a pretty extensive loan modification program, and another program devoted to facilitating low-interest refinancing of burdensome mortgages.

If it’s possible to filter out the misplaced anger and the finger-pointing, I wonder, do the protesters have a point? Is Obama’s plan leaving some people out? What’s your take? Do you have “troubled assets” that need tending to? How would you fix the economy if you were in charge?

John Simons is the senior personal finance editor at Black Enterprise magazine.