A Witness In Jam Master Jay’s Murder Trial Allegedly Threatened At JMJ’s Funeral

A Witness In Jam Master Jay’s Murder Trial Allegedly Threatened At JMJ’s Funeral

More than 20 years later Jam Master Jay’s alleged killers still have not had their day in court. 

According to AllHipHop, one of the two men indicted for the 2002 murder of the legendary DJ, Kal Jordan, Jr., allegedly approached a witness at JMJ’s funeral, repeatedly (and threateningly) asking if they knew who shot the DJ.

AllHipHop also reported that the witness, referred to as “Witness 7,” believed Jordan was attempting to intimidate them and determine if they had recognized him during the murder. There are other counts of alleged witness intimidation in the documents as well.

“In a November 23, 2020 jail call, Jordan states that Witness 6 ‘put me at the scene’ and discusses Witness 6 and other possible witnesses implicating Jordan,” the documents state. 

“Witness 6 said [they] only had two options: cooperate and be killed, or not cooperate and lie at trial. In fact, Witness 6 has told the government that after JMJ’s murder, Witness 6 immediately left New York because the people who murdered JMJ were close to JMJ and Witness 6 wanted to ‘escape.’ Witness 6 said that if Witness 6 cooperated, Witness 6 thought [they] would be killed.”

The document also states that a witness identified as “Witness 5”  saw Jordan threaten someone with a gun and said he’d kill them.

“Witness 5 will further testify that Witness 5 observed Jordan threaten an individual with a gun and to kill the individual like he did Mizell—an event that prompted Witness 5 to contact law enforcement and report Jordan’s gun possession and narcotics trafficking,” it reads.

“Following controlled purchases of narcotics from Jordan by law enforcement, a December 15, 2004, search recovered two loaded firearms (not .40 caliber), a loaded 9mm magazine, a bulletproof vest, cocaine, marijuana, and glassine envelopes used for packaging narcotics.”

“Witness 2” reportedly gave information that they would stash guns with Jordan in a van outside of his house before the murder, and that the weapons went missing around the time of the killing.

“The search of December 15, 2004 that recovered firearms and narcotics further corroborates both Witness 2 and Witness 5’s testimony that Jordan possessed firearms and narcotics,” the docs read.

If Jordan is convicted, he could face a minimum of 25 years in prison. 

Jam Master was one-third of hip-hop trio Run DMC, which helped bring hip -hop into the mainstream in the 1980s.