ABFF Short Films Premiere on HBO

ABFF Short Films Premiere on HBO

Calling all filmmakers, creators, and appreciators of quality filmmaking! On February 1, 2016, you will have the opportunity to support fellow filmmakers making strides in the industry when the finalists from the 18th annual American Black Film Festival HBO Short Films Competition premiere on HBO.

Check out the finalists below:

Black Card
Directed by Pete Chatmon; Written by Tony Patrick; Starring Dorian Missick, Simone Missick, Hisham Tawfiq, Stephen Hill, Erika Myers, Malikha Mallette, Valence Thomas, April Matthis, Michael Markham, Vladimir Versailles, and Nasser Metcalfe

An African American couple finds out how far boundaries can be pushed in a culture requiring an ID card and “commitment to the code.”

Click here for more information on Black Card.

First Date, Last Date
Directed by Derege Harding; Written by E.V. Anderson; Starring Andrea Bordeaux, Robert Nellis, Mig Feliciano, Molly Cottrell, Matt Sanderson, Daniel Brunnemer Hall

Soulmates Sara and Michael carry on their first date as the world comes to an end.

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Directed by Solomon Onita Jr.; Written by Chris Bailey; Starring Dusan Brown, Shawn Kenneth

A young boy commits an accidental murder causing a stir in the community and forcing him to choose between gang loyalty or saving what’s left of his innocence.

Click here for more information on Joy.

Directed by Solvan Naim; Written by Solvan Naim; Starring Malik Lockett, Johnnie Mae, Rob Morgan, Nedra McClyde, Simeon Buresch

A teenage, inner-city kid from Brooklyn gets caught in a web of violence as a paid assassin.

Click here for more information on Stanhope.

ABFF is dedicated to bringing awareness to content created by and about people of African descent. If you’re interested in the possibility of having your short film included in this category next year, visit abff.com for film submission details and criteria. Submissions for 2016 finalists open this month. Now is your time.

For additional information on the American Black Film Festival, to purchase festival pass packages, or to book your hotel for this year’s festival, June 15-19, in Miami Beach, Florida, visit www.abff.com.

For festival updates be sure to follow @blackenterprise and @abff or search #ABFF20. See you in June!