An Accounting Software Makeover for a Small Business

Accounting for Disaster

Aug. 5: Today we applied for our merchant account. Once we received the approval we downloaded the GoPayment App for our iPhone. The interface was quite simple. We plugged in the GoPayment swiper, the app detected the device, and it was ready to accept payments. And now we’re off!

Aug. 13: Setting up QuickBooks Online. We had to invest a lot of time to input employee year-to-date (YTD) distributions, but it was well worth it. Now QBO can assess whether our quarterly payments are accurate.

Sept. 3: First day accepting payments. We were a little nervous on the first day of using the service for our CC processing. We weren’t sure what to expect. The first customer came, ordered, and handed Larry their credit card. The swiper detected it. He entered the amount and a signature box came up. They signed their name with their finger. The first day was great!

Sept. 4: 2012: Used our Intuit GoPayment app and swiper for the Democratic National Convention. It went off without a hitch and generated lots of “oohs and aahs.” President Obama didn’t come to visit our truck but we’re sure if he had, he would’ve been impressed.

Sept. 18: Unveiled our new wing flavors in Uptown Charlotte and it has generated a large crowd. Surprisingly, the payments are processing much faster than with our old system. This helps move the line along quicker. Also, GoPayment saves money on paper rolls, which is helpful to the environment. We love the paperless system!

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