Aderrien Murry Sang ‘No Weapon’ After Being Shot By Mississippi Police Officer

Aderrien Murry Sang ‘No Weapon’ After Being Shot By Mississippi Police Officer

Aderrien Murry, the 11-year-old boy who was shot by a police officer in Indianola, Mississippi, is grateful to be alive to tell his story.

Murry remembers singing the gospel song “No Weapon” to keep himself going, ABC News reports. Reminiscing on the incident, the brave child said being shot felt like “a big punch to the chest.”

Now, a lawsuit filed on behalf of Murry and his mother, Nakala, claims that Greg Capers, the officer who fired the shot, was “reckless.” “The injuries endured by all plaintiffs could have been avoided if defendants would have acquired adequate training on how to provide proper assistance and care,” the lawsuit states.

The complaint also alleges that the police officer arrived at the Murry home with his gun in hand and fired at Aderrien as soon as the boy appeared.

On May 20, Nakala Murry said her ex-boyfriend showed up at her home at 4 a.m. in an “irate” state and told Aderrien to call his grandmother. Instead of calling his grandmother first, he dialed 911. Murry then said she heard a shot as police tried to break in. “I heard a shot and I saw my son run out toward where we were,” she said. “Aderrien fell, bleeding.”

After Murry was rushed to a local hospital, doctors located the bullet that collapsed his lung and cut into his liver. According to NBC News, charges have yet to be filed, but Capers is on paid administrative leave. There have been many calls for him to be fired and charged.

Police chief Ronald Sampson and the city of Indianola were listed in the $5 million federal civil rights lawsuit that also accuses Capers of failing to assess the situation before showing and firing his weapon. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation announced it is issuing an investigation.