Adopted Woman Finds Her Biological Family With A Little Help From Social Media

Adopted Woman Finds Her Biological Family With A Little Help From Social Media

From finding the scoop on sneaky links to locating long-lost loved ones, social media users may be outdoing the need for private investigators.

Within 10 hours of posting about a search for her biological family, Lydia MacNair was able to get in contact with her biological mother after social media users helped them find their way to each other.

Local Today reported that MacNair’s Twitter post on Nov. 25, begged for users to share a tweet providing information about her search. The only information she included in the tweet was her biological mother’s name Demonica, her birthplace and birth date, the adoption agency’s name, and knowledge of three to four older siblings.

Immediately after her post uploaded to the platform, users went to work, flooding her page with reactions and filling her DMs and comment sections with leads.

According to ABC 11, Demonica received a message about an adopted child, and MacNair’s older sister, Vivian Thorpe, was able to find Lydia on Facebook and comment on the post


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“I was at home and my mom called me and she was like, somebody, DM me, did you give someone away for adoption? And I was like, that’s strange. So, then she was like, Wait, there’s a name under it. And so I was like, what’s the name? So I typed in Lydia’s name, and then I found her post. And the baby picture that she posted is hung up in our grandma’s living room,” explained Thorpe.

“That’s the only piece of the puzzle that I had to find her. And the crazy thing is, I tried looking for her for years, but her name was Michelle. So, I’m looking for Michelle, and I would have never found her without that post,” Thorpe added.

The next day, Thorpe drove around three and a half hours from Raleigh to Asheville, where MacNair grew up, and the two sisters met up.

“When I hugged her, it was just like a dream,” Thorpe said.

“Like someone was going to wake me up. And this was not going to be real. I waited my whole life to have a best friend. Now, I have a best friend and sister.”

The two sisters spent time catching up on the 21 years they spent a part, and still have curiosities as to MacNair’s adoption. However, MacNair may find those answers when she sees the rest her family in December.