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Affordable Housing Project Moves To Historic Atlanta Area

The new multi-bedroom homes will come fully-furnished for well-below the market price.

A rare affordable housing project has launched in the Auburn Avenue neighborhood in Atlanta. It features fully-furnished, multi-bedroom apartments for well below market price.

The apartments will finalize phase one of a multi-million dollar housing initiative spearheaded by both private and public sponsorship. According to WSB-TV, it will revitalize a community riddled with stagnant development.

Not only will the boost of homes help bring new curb appeal to the neighborhood, but it will also include rare amenities that make it a life-changing opportunity for future occupants. The units will range from one to three bedrooms, while the three-bedroom homes also come fully furnished. Additionally, this particular unit will start at $1,400.

For comparison, one bedroom apartments in the area start at $1,200, making the new housing venture optimal for families hoping to secure more affordable options in the city.

The storied area, also called the “Sweet Auburn” neighborhood, includes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home and other historic markers. Local leaders expressed their excitement about the initiative as Atlanta tackles rising housing costs. U.S. Representative Nikema Williams spoke at a news conference about what this also means for its communities of color.

“This project perfectly aligns with two of my top congressional priorities: affordable housing and closing the racial gap,” Rep. Williams said at the April 8 event.

A member of the Historical District Development Corporation (HDDC) added, “It was something that had not been done before. It was unfathomable that we could do it on Auburn Ave.”

Currently, Atlanta suffers from a rising homeless population and a lack of affordable housing in the area. Several organizations and initiatives have held solidarity events or new projects to address the issues. The city also continues to provide new resolutions to ensure more residents do not face homelessness. This latest iteration expects to host tenants beginning in August.

Leasing applications will be released in the upcoming weeks, with more information located on HDDC’s website.