Afroman Is Being Sued By The Police Officers Who Raided His Home

Police officers who raided the home of Afroman are suing the rapper for allegedly using their likeness for monetary profit and invasion of privacy, among other things. 

According to TMZ, police officers claim that Afroman, who had cameras in his home, is using their faces in music videos, social media posts, and t-shirts without their consent. 

“My house is my property, my video camera films, everything on my property as they begin, stealing my money, disconnecting plus destroying my video camera system, they became my property,” Afroman said to TMZ. 

He continued: “Criminals caught in the act of vandalizing and stealing money. My video footage is my property. I used it to identify the criminals who broke into my house and stole my money. I used it to identify criminals, who broke into my house, stole my money, and disconnected my home security system.”

According to TMZ, Afroman was not present during the raid. However, his wife recorded the event with her cell phone. 

The Clarion-Ledger reported, “Four deputies, two sergeants and a detective are claiming Foreman (a.k.a. “Afroman”) took footage of their faces obtained during the raid and used it in music videos and social media posts without their consent, a misdemeanor violation under Ohio Revised Code.” 

The Clarion-Ledger wrote: “They’re also suing on civil grounds, saying Foreman’s use of their faces (i.e., personas) in the videos and social media posts resulted in their ‘emotional distress, embarrassment, ridicule, loss of reputation and humiliation.’

The Clarion-Ledger continued: “The plaintiffs say they’re entitled to all of Foreman’s profits from his use of their personas. That includes, according to the complaint, proceeds from the songs, music videos, and live event tickets as well as the promotion of Foreman’s ‘Afroman’ brand, under which he sells beer, marijuana, t-shirts and other merchandise.”

In 2022, the rapper’s home was raided by Clermont County Sheriff’s Office in search of drugs in Afroman’s home. No drugs were found during the raid.