Airbnb, Hubspot and Facebook Announced As Best Places to Work in 2016

Airbnb, Hubspot and Facebook Announced As Best Places to Work in 2016

Ready to jump ship?  If so, the timing couldn’t be better to check out Glassdoor’s annual “Best Places to Work” list in 2016. Whether you’re focused on workplace culture, training and support or vacation leave, Glassdoor has compiled a list of 50 companies that made the cut.

So what factors determine whether a company makes the list? In a statement released by Levo League, Scott Dubroski, Glassdoor career trends analyst said, “We look at the quantity, quality, and consistency of the reviews for each company.”  While company perks certainly play a role–Airbnb gives each employee a yearly $2,000 travel stipend–the top fifty companies share other commonalities that weigh more heavily on where they rank.

“The number one quality is a mission-driven company culture, where a great mission is in place and is practiced day in and day out,” Dubroski says. “Employees wake up in the morning and know that their work matters and that it impacts the company’s bottom line.” It’s no surprise that a sense of purpose plays a role in determining how happy you are at work: Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial survey found that for six in 10 Millennials, the “sense of purpose” led them to pick their current roles.”

Here’s a snapshot of  a few of the companies that made the list:

AirBnB: Website for people to list, find, and rent lodging, San Francisco, California.
“Best People, Best Culture, Best Training.” “Incredibly supportive culture with an incredible focus on learning and mentoring.”

Bain & Company: Consulting firm, HQ in Boston – “Best People, Best Culture, Best Training.”Employee Feedback — Incredibly supportive culture with an incredible focus on learning and mentoring.

Guidewire: Property & casualty insurance, HQ in Foster City, California.  Employee Feedback — “Great culture, great people, great products,” “Great culture, great people, great products.”Guidewire hits the sweet spot between ‘startup culture’ and ‘big corporate culture.’

HubSpot: Develops and markets a software product for inbound marketing. Cambridge, MA
Employee Feedback – “Incredible Place to Work” “Incredible Place to Work.” Leadership places a heavy emphasis on employee growth across all divisions, from tuition.

Facebook: An online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California. Employee Feedback – 
“Amazing collaborative experience” The culture is really amazing and in my opinion even better than the media portrays it.