La La Anthony, Airbnb

Airbnb Introduces La La Anthony As Its Newest Creative Adviser, Introduces Exclusive Stays In La La Land

Airbnb allows winners to stay in La La Land.

As of Jan. 18, Airbnb has welcomed entertainment industry celeb La La Anthony as its creative adviser, marking the beginning of a collaboration aimed at elevating the company’s talent and entertainment partnerships. Anthony will leverage her entertainment experience to amplify Airbnb’s connections and cultivate new business opportunities.

As creative adviser, Anthony will spearhead strategic alignment and foster relationships with celebrities, influencers, studios, and production companies. The primary objective is to enhance and sustain diverse representation within Airbnb’s talent and entertainment initiatives. Additionally, Anthony will take charge of incubating innovative products and programs, providing partners with avenues to engage their audiences genuinely.

For her inaugural project with Airbnb, Anthony introduces “La La Land,” an exclusive stylish listing designed to encapsulate her unique vision of an ideal getaway, according to Airbnb.

Anthony invites guests seeking an escape from the winter blues to experience La La Land in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this January. The first three one-night stays, accommodating up to five guests, are available at a special price of $7: a nod to the “BMF” actress’ lucky number and the birthdate of her son, Kiyan. These special stays will take place on Feb. 2, 3, and 4, allowing guests to revel in the warmth, palm trees, and vacation ambiance.

During their stay in La La Land, guests can look forward to a curated experience featuring La La-inspired artwork and modern décor. The accommodation offers bright and aesthetically pleasing spaces designed for social media-worthy moments. Exclusive access is granted to the entire 2,491-square-foot property, which includes five customized bedrooms, four bathrooms, and an inviting outdoor patio with a pool. The stay is enhanced with luxurious amenities such as high-quality linens, a fully stocked kitchen, and haircare products from La La’s own brand, Inala. For the lucky individuals securing the first three one-night stays, the experience becomes even more special: They will meet Anthony in person, enjoy a guided tour of the space, and potentially capture some memorable selfies.

For those interested in booking a La La Land experience, requests can be submitted on Jan. 24 at 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT at Following those stays, the residence will be available for additional bookings throughout 2024.

Aspiring hosts inspired by Anthony’s foray into hospitality can explore opportunities at It’s important to note that the three, one-night stays are not contests, and the property is independently owned and operated. Airbnb enthusiasts are responsible for their travel arrangements to and from Fort Lauderdale.

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